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Who Are We?

CyberWolf Trucking​ is an ATS and ETS2 Virtual Trucking Company (VTC) that was created for people who is tired of being part of a company that is immature and only worried about how many members they have. CyberWolf Trucking was built for drivers who love the game, and want to completely immerse themselves in role-play and Realism. CyberWolf Trucking hires only the best drivers that can pass its rigorous driving test and training. Not Everyone can join CyberWolf Trucking but the few that can are drivers who are born to drive trucks. Do you think you have what it takes?

Why CyberWolf Trucking?

Reliable and professional

CyberWolf Trucking has a high standard when it comes to our drivers. All drivers are Professional, and hand picked to make sure they are the best fit. for our company.

We Are a Community

We are not just your average VTC. We are part of a real gaming community that loves to play as hard as we work. Join Us and let’s grow together.

Exclusive Reward Program

With CyberWolf Trucking, you get rewarded for driving with us. The more points you earn the better stuff you get. You can win prizes like CyberWolf Trucking merchandise, steam gift cards, limited edition die-cast trucks, and so much more.

Friendly and Helpful staff

What makes CyberWolf Trucking so special, is our dedicated staff that love to help other members with anything they need. Our staff are not just trained but, are trainers them self. Our staff is ready to serve you.

We Love Our Drivers

We like to focus on our drivers. Our staff is well trained to help you. Unlike other trucking companies, we like to ask our drivers what they need and then provide a solution.

We use TrucksBooks.eu Job Logger

TrucksBook is a system for players and virtual companies using Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator.