CyberWolf Trucking Rules

Rules Last Modified: 01-25-2021: 18:12

CyberWolf Trucking Rules:


1) All drivers and staff must follow ALL TruckersMP Rules. Any Violation will result in disciplinary action and will be at the discretion of CW-Trucking Management. Certain exceptions are given when in company convoys.

2) Show respect to ALL members of CyberWolf Trucking and the Wolf Den Discord. If you have an issue with another member, bring it to the attention of CyberWolf staff or a Pack leader quietly and quickly.

3) If there is any sign of racism, homophobia, or xenophobia it will be dealt with immediately, you will be immediately removed from The Wolf Den.

4) Keep swearing down to a minimum during company activities. We aren’t a church, but we also aren’t a bar. Be mindful.

5) There will be no VTC freelancing. You get one return, you will not get your rank restored, if you leave again you will not be welcome back.( NO Moonlighting)

6) There will be no poaching of other VTC’s members. We do not want it done to us, so we will show respect to other companies and refrain from doing it to them.

In A Nutshell:

Follow TruckersMP Rules. Use Common Sense, Respect Others and Don’t Be a Dick!

Driving rules:

1) All drivers and staff must not exceed 110 KPH in ETS2 or 80 MPH in ATS ( No Race Miles )

2) Traffic lights are treated as yield signs/giveaway signs.

3) Lanes must be held at all times

4) Indicators/blinkers must be used

5) Respect the space of other drivers that may be around you at all times.

Convoy Rules

(All staff and drivers must be on channel CB channel 19 in case of discord failure)

1) Upon entry/exit to depot hazards must be used.

2) There will be NO overtaking. Unless stated otherwise by the Convoy Leader.

3) Instructions from the Convoy Leader during convoys are to be followed immediately. Continual disregard of instructions will result in restrictions in future convoy participation.

4) Trucks must keep between 50-100 meters distance between you and the person in front of you to avoid collisions due to disconnects, lag, etc.

5) The convoy should not stop during its route, unless stated by staff.

6) If traffic will interfere with the convoy, then an exception of the red light/stop sign rule will be made. This is at the discretion of convoy management only.

7) During convoys, railroad crossings can cause the convoy to stop. If the convoy is split, then a convoy leader should take the head of the line and lead all trucks to the next safest place to pull over or a rest area.

Company Policy




1: Drivers will not have to use CyberWolf colors but it’s recommended

Recommended color use (RGB code).

Purple: 75, 0,130

Cyan: 62, 220, 228

Gray: 128,128,128

If you are unsure please contact a member of staff


While in city

-If there are other players in the city try to stick to the realistic laws as possible. The last thing we want is CyberWolf looking very unprofessional in someone’s stream. Under TMP rules, all stop signs will be treated as yield signs.

Outside of city

-Keep a reasonable speed and only pass when safe. DO NOT cut off other players. If the staff sees you do this you may be demoted.

During convoys

-Keep the proper 50-100 meter distance. DO NOT PASS. Maintain the line and order of the convoy. When the Convoy leader or another staff member starts talking listen for what they are saying


-Please be respectful of everyone while you’re here, we have many different people and religions from all over the world. If you can’t stand for that then maybe the company isn’t for you.

No religious or political talk allowed.

Disciplinary Action


Disciplinary action will be given out from Senior Staff. Failure to comply will result in dismissal from the company.

  • You will be given a verbal warning. You will be given an explanation on where you have violated the rules.
  • You will be given a written warning. You will be given a detailed explanation on where you have violated the rules. You may be placed on probation. This will be decided by a staff member.
  • You will be given a written warning. You will be given a detailed explanation and will be asked to a meeting to discuss the violated rule(s). This may result in a demotion or suspension from the company or community.
  • You will be demoted back to member and fired from CyberWolf Trucking. (Depending on severity of violation you may be banned from the The Wolf Den community, Senior Staff discretion.)