Official Grand Opening

BladeNode Trucking

September 1, 2018


Hello, Truckers

I am so excited, I am about to blow my spark plugs. Today is the Official launch for BladeNode Trucking.  I know it feels like we have already been running for a while but, the past few months we have been developing the company and making sure that BladeNode Trucking  has a great future. To celebrate this amazing day, we have two events that will be happening throughout this month. The first event we are having is our very first convoy that is happening tonight. To learn more about this, please go to and if you are going, please RSVP.

The second event that is happening is going to last all month. Starting September 1, 2018, we are going to see who Is the best trucker. To accomplish this, we are going to use, a small piece of software that tracks your miles and other useful information while you drive. The driver who has the most miles driven by September 30, 2018, @ 23:59 est -5, will be recognized as the best trucker of the month.  The driver will receive a $25.00 steam gift card, and a Bladenode Trucking tee-shirt. “This tee-shirt will be an exclusive design that will only be made for the winner. No other tee-shirts will be made from this design.  Please read the full details below.

  • The driver must have the longest miles driven in one month. No past miles will count.
  • We will be using and management to make this decision. Please understand management has the last call.
  • All of our rules and TruckersMP must be followed. Our rules can be located at  and TruckersMP rules can be located by going to if you fail to follow all rules and regulations, you will be disqualified from the event.
  • You must be a BladeNode truck driver to participate in this event.
  • No speeding of any kind will be allowed.
  • Trailer damage must not be over 2%.
  • No single player driving is allowed.
  • You must use TruckersMP for the miles to count.
  • No cheating allowed.
  • No mods or hacks can be used while doing this event.

If you have any additional questions please talk to a staff member.  Thank you for being a driver of BladeNode Trucking, and happy trucking.

BladeNode Trucking “Where Truckers are Born”